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While it is not required to dig deep into mathematic to understand how file encryption works, it it important to understand some of mechanic of how it works because it will help you to select better select encryption technologies and methods that you would want to use to protect your files. There are two elementary parts of encryption: the algorithm and a key. Those two are used to encrypt and decrypt data. The algorithm is a mathematical formula or method for encrypting/decrypting data. There are many popular algorithms freely available, and each one have their strengths and weaknesses and each can decrypt data in different ways. We use algorithms in conjunction with a key. A key is usually kept secret, but the algorithm itself is usually public and easily accessible. The modern algorithms are very complex, some use very large prime numbers and logarithmic functions, others use complex mathematical formulas. Regardless of complexity of the algorithm, you don't need to know how algorithm works in order to use encryption.



A Key works with algorithm to decrypt an encrypted material, files, documents or any other data. While algorithm itself is known and public, a key is always kept secretly. Knowing right key will allow the authorized person to read encrypted files. Keys are variables that change as opposed to algorithm which usually don't change. Keys are often passwords, numbers or complex rows of numbers generated by the algorithm program itself in order to make encrypted file harder to break. Encrypting the plaintext with the key and algorithm results in cyphertext, in order to decrypt that you have to use same algorithm and the same key. Both is needed, either way.


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