File Encryption

Free encryption software .

File Encryption is free application to help users protect your their files and personal data by encrypting them into inaccessible, scrambled form which can be opened only after entering a correct password. File Encryption is released under GNU licence and it is free for personal or commercial use, without any restrictions. File Encryption is completely spyware or adware free.


What is File Encryption

In this digital era, our personal data can be stolen, intercepted, compromised and exposed to unauthorized parties. A new age digital thieves can intercept our communication and read our personal correspondence, they can even remotely get access to our personal files on our computers, and dig our our credit card or social security numbers, bank account information or any other personal data we have on our hard drives or removable media, documents, files, video or audio footage etc.

File encryption is a process that occurs on chosen files in order to preserve their's secrecy and confidentiality. We choose files or folders that we want to prevent to be read by unauthorized person, than we encrypt them using a password - only persons that know your password can open such encrypted file.


Free Encryption software

File Encryption is secure, military grade encryption software which supports 12 encryption algorithms. It was developed for use in enterprise environment and eventually turned into free desktop application. Since File Encryption if free software, the author can not give any kind of support, although he will try to answer any question if time permits. Although File Encryption has been used securely and without bugs in small enterprise environment for years now this website and the author of the program can not be held responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused by the usage of this program.

File Encryption is meant to be used on personal files or folders - for people that look into the solution to encrypt the whole volumes, hard drives or partitions there is a free application TrueCrypt (not affiliated in any way with this site).


Commercial solutions

For people that want more powerful solutions to secure their files I can only recommend from the Encryption Shield package, or Drive Encryption if you plan to encrypt the whole volume. If you look for solution to cover the tracks of your online and offline activity there is very popular Privacy Eraser, or some of very powerful programs from Cyber Scrub (my favourite). Alternatively, you may look at my software database (soon) to search for security product you are looking for.


To download File Encryption please go to the download page. If you like this software and make use of it please link to this website, it would be appreciated.