File Encryption

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File Encryption works on Windows XP and Windows Vista. File Encryption is light application, it doesn't require powerfull computer to run. It will run fine on P3 processor with 256mb or ram. However, the speed of encrypting is directly dependant on processing speed, so faster is always better.


1 - In the main program area navigate through file viewer to pick folders and files you want to encrypt. You can select multiple files and folders to be encrypted at the same time.

2 - On the right pane of the program choose an encryption algorithm to be used.

3 - With files and folders selected choose Encrypt option from the left pane of the program. You will be prompted to enter a password. Proceed by pressing "encrypt" and a new, encrypted file will be created. Encrypted file is marked with red color and it can't be opened or read. The original file is not deleted automatically! File Encryption software has an option to shred files, under the "Tools" submenu. Shredding files is more secure than deleting them because it assures shredded files can not be recovered back. You can pick an original file and shred it using this option, or you can set the program to shred original files automatically when encryption is finished.

Please, remember your password you set when encrypting files! The author of this program can not help you to decrypt your files if you have forgotten your password. Please don't contact me asking to recover your password, that is not possible!


There are more options in File Encryption which should be self explanatory. However if you have an question you can contact me and I will do my best to respond as time permits. If you like this program please link to this website, I will appreciate it.